What do my patients say?

Testimonio de Fernanda Salazar sobre el Doctor Alberto Castillo

Fernanda Salazar

Happy to look at myself in the mirror, after Dr. Alberto Castillo gives his dedicated and personalized final ‘touch’ to my smile design. And, even more, I love it when I receive compliments such as: "…and your wonderful smile!"

Testimonio de Juan Pablo sobre el Doctor Alberto Castillo

Juan Pablo

I went through many dentists before I found Dr. Castillo. What I liked most was his personalized advice and availability to see me. It gave me a lot of confidence and my smile could not be better.

Testimonio de Natalia Peralta sobre el Doctor Alberto Castillo

Natalia Peralta

Dr. Castillo provided comprehensive and dedicated work. With friendly and helpful attention, one feels valued. He took into account my needs, tastes, and preferences in my smile design. He is very punctual, attentive of my check-ups, and follows up with appointments.

Testimonio de Marcela Ochoa sobre el Doctor Alberto Castillo

Marcela Ochoa

Very professional, exceeded my expectations. Dr. Castillo has the experience and knows how to work facial traits to obtain the best smile. I was very happy with my design.

Testimonio de Sandra Rodriguez sobre el Doctor Alberto Castillo

Sandra Rodríguez

"Excellent! I love my new smile. The Doctor dedicated a lot of time to my design. He didn’t treat me like just another patient; he made me feel unique and special. That’s why I really liked the result, which gave me a lot of self-confidence."

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