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¡Perfect Natural Smile!

In each of my designs, I restore my patients by recovering adequate gaps and volumes to ensure an outcome that adapts perfectly to their mouth. Each result is almost invisible, a work of art, with natural anatomy playing a fundamental part in shaping every smile. My materials are of the highest quality. I use latest-generation resin, based on nanotechnology (Empress Direct – Invoclar). This material is crafted and modelled directly on the tooth, working the right shape and color to enhance natural-looking smiles. Composite resin veneers play a fundamental role in modifying the color, shape and size of the tooth, as well as, in recovering dental decay.




To begin the design of a natural and perfect smile, a set of photographs is taken to establish how teeth have lost relevance in the general appearance of the face and are generating esthetic flaws. Further analysis includes attention to expression lines, position of the lips in relation to upper central teeth, smile line, and dental malpositions that affect the harmony of the face.


Upon completing the above, a set of dental impressions are taken to create a study model. The model is then placed in an articulator, which allows us to conduct an occlusion analysis and, later, a wax diagnosis in order to plan the perfect method of intervention.




Following, a silicone mock-up model is built based on the wax diagnosis. It is set in the patient’s mouth to rehabilitate occlusal functions that have been deteriorated with the passing of time and disorders such as bruxism, which causes tooth wear due to situations such as stress. This procedure is conducted in the back area of the upper incisors providing greater support to the veneers that will be placed in front of the teeth, offering restorations greater adherence and giving the teeth a natural appearance to accomplish a perfect natural smile.



After completing the smile design, an additional set of photographs is taken so that patients can appreciate their before and after. This allows them to see how their facial appearance has improved and understand their new physiognomy.





Upon completion of our perfect natural smile design, patients recover self-esteem. With their smile in the leading role of their facial expression, their confidence is boosted when communicating with others.