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Orthodontic Treatments

Teeth Correction

While aligning teeth is a common orthodontic procedure, the goal is to accomplish a harmonic balance between functionality and esthetics. Currently, new techniques make it easier to achieve this goal, however they require significant preparation. Our orthodontists are qualified to operate improved-performance instruments that are clear as crystal, esthetically appealing to the point of seeming invisible (lingual systems); as well as, extra fast methodologies that require fewer appointments (self-ligating system; smart brackets). All made with professionalism and quality so that in the end, the result is a spectacular smile.

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Bleeding Gums.

Teeth are not the sole protagonists of a spectacular smile, the tissues that hold them play an important role as well. Gums and bones are key in masticating and cosmetics. A variety of systemic and local diseases can affect these tissues placing oral health at risk. Periodontology focuses on maintaining healthy tissues, treating affections that compromise dental support in time, and, in severe cases, regenerate tissues to prevent the premature loss of teeth or provide better support to new prosthesis.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Simply, a perfect smile!

Enhancing the appearance of a smile is no longer desirable just for purely cosmetic reasons. The value of a beautiful smile has become a symptom of good oral health. We offer you the latest revolutionary treatments that will help you show your best smile.

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Dental Hygiene

Identifying hygiene flaws.

We have dedicated a separate section to dental cleanings (oral hygiene) given its importance in preventing cavities and periodontal diseases (bone and gum decay that take place in an invisible manner). Both diseases are produced by bacteria.

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Oral Surgery

Replacing metallic fillings

Years ago, long-lasting and resistant restorations were made with metallic materials. They worked well, in their time; unfortunately, they did not care much for esthetics. With today’s technological advances, we have a great number of metal-free materials, with particles that resemble the structure of the tooth and provide important physical and mechanical features in masticating. Replacing amalgams with metal-free materials will give you a more natural smile and flawless appearance.

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Bruxism causes tooth pain

Abnormal grinding causes teeth to ache and wear, fillings to break, and even healthy teeth to fracture. Overworked muscles can produce headaches and damage to cervical vertebrae. Additionally, bruxism can cause jaw impairment.

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Dental Implants

Greater strength and stability

Dental implants are designed to integrate with the structure of the jaw and the rest of the teeth in a natural way. This is achieved through the process of osseointegration, which recovers the function of the missing tooth, as well as, ensuring a healthy and good-looking mouth.

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Multi-disciplinary management of intravenous sedation for implant surgery

Intravenous sedation has become one of the most commonly employed techniques to avoid psychological trauma for patients that require oral surgery. As we know, the term ‘surgery’ is associated with fear and anxiety, and when added to the word ‘oral,’ to many, it becomes a synonym of pain and fear.

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