Dr. Alberto Castillo

My experience

Graduated from Universidad San Martin, in Bogota, with a DDS degree, 1995. Dental treatments offered by Dr. Castillo always strive to recover all anatomic and esthetic structures that have been compromised due to any number of causes, while ensuring that patients’ rehabilitation and any restorations in the mouth are accomplished seamlessly. Just as important are each patient’s previous assessments, analysis, and diagnosis to find a treatment that is best suited for each case

Today we have materials that are increasingly more biocompatible and closer to the characteristics of dental tissues. It is important to take into account the strength and resistance of the restorations used to recover those teeth that have deteriorated over time due to cavities, wear and tear, occlusal disorders, malformations in the enamel, etc.

This is why it is important to make proper diagnosis and choose adequately the type of restoration best suited for each patient. The main reasons why treatments fail are the inadequate use of techniques or materials that are more rigid than the natural tooth, as well as, inadequate preparations that allow leakage around restorations, or excessive volumes that hurt the gums and give them a purple or almost black appearance, in some cases creating swelling and bone loss.

Diplomas and Courses

Operative Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
September 2010 – February 2011.
Understanding Natural Aesthetics / Direct restorations adhered
Hands On
Dr. Alvaro Heller
Master of Science in Aesthetic Dentistry
Universidad Andes Chile
May 2014
Theoretical Workshop - Practical
Dr. Fernando Arciniegas Leal
Rehabilitator Oral University Javeriana
Teaching Postgraduate Oral RehabilitationP.U.J. and El Bosque University
National and International Lecturer
August18 2011
FGM Seminar in Colombia
“Aesthetic excellence in adhesive restorations: evidence and practice”
Proper Management of Dental Clearing, Clarification Endodontically treated tooth, Handling and Diagnosis of Intraradicular Posts
Dr, Alessandro D. Loguercio (Brasil). 2011
Conference - Demonstration
Dr. Camilo Becerra
Rehabilitator Oral University El Bosque
National and International Lecturer
August 30 2011